JGIS Students’ Services Programme starts in our classroom with the guidance and support of teachers; students will develop knowledge and skills in using technology incorporated in our lessons.   Teachers will also play a major role as counselors and advisors to guide students in understanding all aspect of their learning and developing skills whether academics or non-academic related.

Our Physical Education team will integrate their teaching lesson with fun energetic exercises, and sports activities to allow students develop their athletic skills and release their enthusiastic nature.

With our Canteen service facilities, our students will have the option to purchase nourishing lunch and healthy snacks essential for their balancing eating habits.

JGIS in-school Clinic is well-equipped with the basic medical equipment and first-aid essentials, and our nurse will be available on duty to assist with any minor medical needs or urgent care a child may need.

In addition, our NO Homework program will provide an opportunity for a better academic understanding as teachers will assist students with their basic assignments at the end of the day.

Our Students Service Programme will motivate our students to successfully complete their basic academic requirements in a positive and progressive manner.